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Where We Gather

Bosque Center for Spiritual Living is exploring the idea of a “decentralized” Center with multiple localities. We create connection and relationship every time we gather, in all the ways we gather, in every place we gather.

Of course, we see “church” in the familiar model of weekly services, and we can celebrate there with all our hearts. But that’s not the only place church happens. As we practice mindfulness and intentionality, we recognize that we can create and experience vibrant spiritual community as we sing together around a backyard fire, march together for equality and justice, learn and grow together in workshops, or socialize together in a pub.

Maple Street Dance Space, at 3215 Central Avenue NE in Nob Hill, is home to the Sunday Services of Bosque Center for Spiritual Living. We are in the beautiful back studio where the wooden floor, high ceilings, natural light, and art-filled walls bring a special warmth and character to the Sunday Service experience.

Special Collections Library

The Special Collections Library of the Albuquerque Public Library, at 423 Central Avenue NE, is the location for the first of our class offerings. The Special Collections Library houses research collections on Albuquerque history and New Mexico history and culture. The beautiful 1925 Pueblo/Spanish Revival-style building is a registered Albuquerque landmark in the historic Huning Highlands neighborhood.

Bow & Arrow Brewing Company

Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. is located at 608 McKnight Avenue NW in the Wells Park neighborhood of downtown Albuquerque. It was the site of our weekly Pub Talk discussion hour on Wednesday evenings (currently on hiatus), and may be a location for classes in the future.

Here’s how Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. describes themselves on their web site:

“Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. is inspired by the unique heritage, landscape, and people of the American Southwest. The Bow & Arrow represents self-reliance, protection, flexibility and skill. Our beloved Hoparrow logo, with its clean and strong geometric design embodies the spirit of Native American design and also references a hop cone, an arrowhead and water.

We are influenced by a strong connection to the land and to our communities. We share a love of learning, exploring and appreciation for the impact of culture and landscape on food, drink, art and design.”

We love Bow & Arrow because of the beautiful space, the super-friendly staff, and the welcoming atmosphere.

Simms Building

The Simms Building is a historic high-rise office building at 400 Gold Avenue SW in Downtown Albuquerque. It was the city’s first large-scale modernist building, and was the tallest building in Albuquerque when it was completed in 1954. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. Bosque Center for Spiritual Living has a private office located on the fifth floor.

Song Spiral Studio

The Song Spiral Studio is located at Patty Stephens’s beautiful North Valley home. The studio is a creative space that invites both depth and playfulness. The Song Spiral Studio is home to Bosque Center for Spiritual Living’s Sing! events as well as other classes and workshops.

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