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Arts & Music

The culminating performance of a 6-week character development and monologue-writing workshop premiered with a live online watch party on October 10, 2020.

Featuring 8 short one-person pieces by Tim Keegan, Prema Thomas, Sonia Montgomery, Travis Chapman, Christopher Jaros, Drew Groves, Sheila Towle, and Patty Stephens.  Enjoy!


Theater is a practice of both individual self-expression and interpersonal collaboration. It is an exploration of identity, authenticity, and self-awareness that also requires us to exercise trust, listening, and understanding of others. The whole process of co-creating and inhabiting a reality is an inherently spiritual enterprise — not just a metaphor for life, but what spiritual living is actually about.

In November 2019, Bosque staged its first full-length theatrical production: Thank You For Being a Friend. We re-imagined three classic Golden Girls television episodes, and translated them to live performances with non-traditional casting (i.e. lots of drag). We partnered with q-Staff Theater in East Downtown, and sold-out completely all shows. It was great fun and hugely successful.

For 2020, we are looking at another, probably smaller, “mainstage” production in the fall, as well as a scene-study workshop and performance in the late-winter or early-spring. Details coming soon!


Under the leadership of Patty Stephens, Bosque Center for Spiritual Living has developed a gorgeous and multi-faceted music program. Most of our music is a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment). As we have found our voices together, it often feels as if our entire community has become a choir.

Our music program includes:

  • A Sunday choir, several times a year
  • Performance classes and workshops, most notably the Pyromaniac Cafe, Patty’s signature “fiery” spiritual journey through vocal performance
  • Hymn-prov song-writing workshops
  • Monthly evening singalongs and karaoke events
  • Acappellooza — an annual a cappella concert, featuring our choir and other Albuquerque vocalists
  • A summertime Hootenanny
  • Special musical services — It Had to Be Hafiz (a mashup of Sufi poetry and the American Jazz Songbook), a Beatles singalong, and a Christmas Eve Caroling

We end most Sunday celebrations singing these words from Jeff Black, “If we can sing together, if we can dream together, if we can see forever, we can change the world.”  Indeed, we can.


Because we meet in a dance studio we are sort of naturally infused with that graceful physicality, the beauty and energy of movement.

In addition to supporting each other’s programs and events, Bosque partners with the Maple Street Dance Space community in various service events throughout the year.

In 2018, we didn’t just march in the LGBTQ Pride Parade — we danced in it, with live drumming.


Bosque has partnered with Storytellers of New Mexico to create a monthly storytelling event, including tellers of both personal stories and traditional folkloric tales.  Each evening features three featured tellers, with open-mic opportunities for attendees.

Fourth Saturdays, 7:00-8:30 pm, in the Front Door Studio at Maple Street Dance Space.

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