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Mystery Highway: VAMP
Bosque Pictures Presents: VAMP

Venerable Albuquerque theater troupe, the ViVa Players, has been beset with challenges — changing audience tastes, bitter internal squabbles, and a global pandemic. Now, a ruthless developer wants to bulldoze the ViVa Playhouse to erect a digital post-production studio and laser tag arena.

In a last ditch effort to save the historic building, passionate and tyrannical director Toto Pendragon plans a bold adaptation, “North Valley of the Dolls,” representing a gritty new direction for the company…

With all this hubbub, perhaps it should be no surprise that the spirits are restless. This time, however, the ghosts are different, maybe even dangerous. Could it be that the ghost of tv legend and Albuquerque sweetheart (and ViVa namesake and figurehead), Vivian Vance, herself, has come to the reckoning?

Television’s Mystery Highway and host Dax Colossal return to New Mexico to investigate.

Written collaboratively by a group of 12, directed by Drew Groves, and featuring outrageous characterizations from more than 2 dozen local performers, VAMP is a bawdy satire on a shoestring budget.  If John Waters and Christopher Guest had a baby, she might throw a tantrum like this…

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