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Welcome to Bosque Center for Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, NM.
We create activities and spaces that nurture genuine connection and spiritual growth through music, service, and the arts.


Bosque Center for Spiritual Living is a creative community fostering personal fulfillment and universal connectedness, manifesting a kinder and more loving world.


We practice open-hearted and open-minded spiritual realism, explored through the Science of Mind philosophy, New Thought, ancient wisdom, and our own immediate relationship with the Divine.


We provide supportive structures in which we can do our work together with authenticity, mindfulness, and compassion. These include weekly Sunday services, classes, art and music, care and counseling, and sacred service within and outside the Bosque CSL community.


We are so pleased to be holding our Sunday Celebration Services at Maple Street Dance Space in historic Nob Hill! Maple Street is on the north side of Central Avenue between Wellesley and Bryn Mawr Drives.

Bosque CSL services happen in the back studio. You can enter the front studio through the main entrance on Central Avenue and walk through, or you can enter the back studio directly through the back entrance, which is on the alley behind the building. Just look for the Bosque CSL signs.

Maple Street doesn’t have its own parking lot but there is plenty of street parking available on Central Avenue and nearby side streets on Sunday mornings. There is a small parking lot on the east side of Bryn Mawr Drive, south of Central Avenue, that should have open spaces.

Join us this Sunday,

Rev. Andrew graduated from the Holmes Institute and was licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living in 2012. He was ordained in 2015. Rev. Andrew has been leading weekly worship services of celebration, praise, music, and laughter for seven years.  He is an innovative teacher, a responsible steward, a bit of a rabble-rouser, and a fun person to be around.

Patty Stephens began singing on her first breath. She has spent her life developing her voice as an instrument and has a passion for community singing and song leading skills that make it happen. In addition to thirty years as a performing musician and music director in Centers for Spiritual Living she has played with the best of the best in New Mexico’s Jazz scene and is currently lead singer in the award winning band “The Brazil Project.” She is also a faculty member of the New Mexico Jazz Workshop.

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Recently, I read a piece about wombats in Australia sharing their burrows with other small animals escaping the ravaging bushfires. The wombat burrows are deep enough underground to be fairly fireproof, and complex and extensive enough to allow oxygen flow even while a conflagration roars overhead. Of course it’s impossible…

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My orientation to life tends to be a big juicy “Yes!” Most of the time, it’s an honest and authentically soulful expression for me. And there’s a lot of good in that, there’s a lot to like. “Yes” feels groovy and easy-going and agreeable. “Yes” is productive; it makes things…

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Some friends and I were having a conversation about the importance of laying claim to our Good — identifying and naming our heart’s desire, declaring it available, and asserting our right to it. If we aren’t willing or able to do this, then we probably aren’t going to be very…

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Truth AND Consequences

The new year is the time for my annual job performance evaluation. It’s a valuable process. It’s also pretty intense for me because I take it seriously. I’m not worried or anything; I’m fairly confident that the Board of Trustees will give me good marks. But in addition to the…

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We Are Creating Together

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