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A number of weeks ago, I responded to a call from someone who was interested in Bosque Center for Spiritual Living. He and his wife were looking for a place to study the Science of Mind. I called him back,…

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Recently, I learned the Spanish word for “engaged” — comprometido. One of the things I like about studying another language is that it helps me to see my native tongue in a fresh way. Comprometido struck me in that it…

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This week, I spent a lot of time scouring collections of poetry and pouring through my usual go-to books for Sunday readings. I searched online for hours, googling: “Mother’s Day poems… SHORT Mother’s Day poems… Mother’s Day poems that DON’T…

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I’ve done lots of forgiveness work over the years, in classes and workshops and therapeutic settings. Guided meditations, visualized conversations for healing, letter-writing exercises. Usually, some rich stuff gets unearthed — my own blind spots, a fresh perspective on an…

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