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Earth Prayer, by Mark Nepo

O Endless Creator, Force of Life, Seat of the Unconscious, Dharma, Atman, Ra, Qalb, Dear Center of our Love, Christlight, Yahweh, Allah, Mawu, Mother of the Universe… Let us, when swimming with the stream, become the stream. Let us, when…

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awakening with you

by Sheila Towle suffering alone,fearing the worst, doubting, judging, resisting what is,seeking, demanding control of the uncontrollable stay present, stay present, stay here now,don’t go wandering off into the land of “if only” despair, despondency, duty, depression is calling our…

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The Activity of Stars

from Journey of the Universe by Brian Thomas Swimme & Mary Evelyn Tucker For stars, creativity depends on maintaining a state of disequilibrium with respect to surrounding space. It is the dynamic tension between gravity and fusion that enables the…

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Be Winged

“Be winged. Be the father of all flying horses," roared Aslan in a voice that shook the ground. "Your name is Fledge." The horse shied, just as it might have shied in the old, miserable days when it pulled a…

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