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I love Matthew Inman’s comics on The Oatmeal.  They’re kinda neurotic and existentially angsty, but also quite good-natured at the same time, which is why they speak directly to my soul.    This week, he had a sweet four-panel comic…

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awakening with you

by Sheila Towle suffering alone,fearing the worst, doubting, judging, resisting what is,seeking, demanding control of the uncontrollable stay present, stay present, stay here now,don’t go wandering off into the land of “if only” despair, despondency, duty, depression is calling our…

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I finally watched Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, a 2018 documentary about Fred Rogers.  It was beautiful and touching, and it made me cry.  I’ve also been listening to a delightful podcast, Dolly Parton’s America, which goes in surprising and…

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Our values are shifting, individually and collectively.  We have an opportunity to consider what’s most important to us.  Maybe we’re being invited to change our minds about some of it. The first frantic rush to stock our pantries turned shopping…

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I don’t need to tell you how weird life is right now.  Clearly, it’s a confusing and confounding mess.  “Clearly confusing” — that’s an apt oxymoron for these outlandish days. Even when things are swimming along in what passes for…

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