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Things With Wings

I’m pretty good at coming up with positive interpretations of my life, so I can inhabit its twists and turns in an optimistic and hopeful way.   I believe that, generally, things happen for our ultimate Good.  I believe that the Universe is loving, benevolent, and intelligent.   

I believe that wings are being coaxed out of us, and that we are all learning to fly.

But I recognize as well that growing these wings can sometimes be painful.  And our flying lessons sometimes involve crash landings.  Even if we know it’s all for our own Good in the end, this doesn’t mean that it’s healthy or helpful to skim-over the hurts, the losses, the feeling lost…  

Yes, I believe that we are all destined to be ever more soaring, graceful, and powerful expressions of Being.  But the way to become truly ourselves is to be true.  The way to become wholly ourselves is to be whole.   We can be honest not just about our ideals but also our feelings.  We can honor not just our dreams but also our fears.  We can share not just where we want to go, but where we are.  

Here we are, together.  Let’s fly.

—Rev Drew

© 2018 Drew Groves

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