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Declarations for 2019

I declare — there are things in the world that terrify me, and we’ve got what it takes to face them all.

I declare that a holy alignment with Divine Harmony, Intelligence, Love, Beauty, Joy, and Plenty is the most natural vibration of our human being, so I’m going to practice being graceful in that and with that.

I do declare — we’ve all got plenty of problems, frustrations, and heartache to deal with.  And yet, the more we plug in to our innate Connection and Togetherness, the more able we are to meet these challenges with courageous honesty, creativity, and commitment.

I declare that our PROGRESS is our destiny.

I declare that we have been called to these lives, these conditions, these challenges, and that every heart’s yearning will be fulfilled not instead of the world we’re in, but through it.

I do declare that we can step boldly into 2019 with open minds & hearts, informed by and aware of all that has come before, still daring to dream of a world that works for everyone.

Rev. Drew Groves
December 31, 2018

© Drew Groves 2019

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