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God Complex

“The Mind in us, responding to us… is God speaking and God answering.” — Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

It can be totally empowering to take on the rich responsibility of creating our lives with the full authority of the Divine — speaking worlds into existence, declaring “let there be Light” with the wholehearted expectation that Light shall, in fact, be.  No longer need we see ourselves bound by what we’ve done before, nor by what anyone has done before.  We are free, mighty, and infinite — the Mind of God in action, baby!

As we work with this idea in bolder ways, however, the great realization dawns that we’re not just God speaking, but, as Ernest Holmes points out, also God answering.  Too (God help us) we learn to embrace the fact that we’re not speaking and answering ourselves in a self-referential vacuum; we’re communicating with each other.  We are, each of us and all of us, God communing with God.  The creative process necessarily includes and involves relationship and mutuality.  

With this understanding we avoid developing a God complex of unmitigated egotism.  To say, “my mind is God’s Mind” is only megalomaniacal if I fail to recognize that your mind is also  God’s mind, and so are the minds of those individuals with whom I may utterly disagree.  God includes the collective mind and heart and life of everyone.  

Yes, each of us is called to imagine and proclaim our particular intention into reality.  And then we are called to listen to each other.  The idea of Divinity as an echo-chamber where our own voice is the only voice that matters is pretty messed-up.  God is a chorus much more complex than that — it is billions of voices raised in song together, collaborating, imagining and interacting it all into reality together. 

I, for one, am honored to be singing with you.  XO, Rev. Drew

© 2018 Drew Groves

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