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Where It All Happens

It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed in our busy lives.  We live with a ridiculous amount of stress and pressure every day.  And most of us adopted at some point along the way the idea that if we want to achieve-accomplish-complete anything purposeful in our lives, if we want to be-do-have more of anything fulfilling, we’d better get off our duffs and get down to business and work hard to start making it happen.  Yes?  I mean, for sure, I hold a lot of that workaholic, stressaholic mentality, and often it runs me ragged.

So this week, I’ve been wondering about the possibility that it could all require much less effort.  Like, maybe everything could actually be easy.  Maybe the blissed-out fulfillment of our hearts desires, the creation of heaven on earth, the healing and redemption of all the world’s ills could be an instantaneous breeze.  Maybe?  Why not?

Ernest Holmes wrote about this over and over again in the Science of Mind:  “It is the nature of the Creative Power to take form and the nature of us to use it.  Snap!  Done.  The Creative Power of Infinite Spirit is yearning Itself into time and space, into our lives — our part is simply to direct how it shows up.

Jesus claimed pretty much the same thing, emphasizing the idea that we don’t have to stress ourselves out or force anything:  “It is the Father, living in me, who does the work.” 

This quote is a deliberate nod to Father’s Day, but we can translate “Father” however we want if we don’t dig the patriarchal imagery — Spirit living in me, Cosmic Consciousness living in me, the Universe living in me does the work  The point is the same however we express it:  we don’t have to make it happen, we don’t have to labor and suffer and toil and struggle for our Good.  It’s all already available, all paid for.  We create simply by placing the order.  Daddy got it for us.

The thing with this, though, is that the Infinite Creative Power isn’t all that discerning.   Reputation aside, I don’t believe that God is judge-y at all.  Not to belabor the metaphor, but it’s kind of like God is an overly permissive parent who always says “yes,” whether that’s to us eating jelly beans for breakfast or having wonderful adventures or destroying ourselves.  “Yes” to everything and anything.  Everything is available — free will pretty much entitles us to literally Everything. 

But nobody really wants everything.  We may say we want to “have it all,” but we really mean just the good bits.  So, out of the realm of infinite possibility, it’s our job to choose.  Our work and practice is to choose wisely — to create the actual, specific things that we want.   Not everything, which is an overwhelming incomprehensible mixed bag of infinity.  But anything, this thing, which is our heart’s desire.  People sometimes say “Anything and Everything” like those are the same, but it’s not really so. 

Everything can’t help but be a mess of contradiction and ambivalence.  Anything is a chosen actuality, the fulfillment of a specific wish or intention.

For Father’s Day this weekend, let’s all take it easy, accepting the gift of our heart’s desire, and giving ourselves a break from having to work so dang hard to create it.  I can’t wait to be with you!  XO, Drew

© 2018 Drew Groves

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